About Me

I participated in a number of projects, some of them open source:

  • Bazaart- my first actual startup. It all started as an automatically created personalized fashion catalog that strived to replace regular paper fashion catalogs. After number of iterations and working iPad application and few thousands of users, the application turned into stylist helper tool. Now it allows to create collages based on user's Pinterest pins or other images. Here I was a co-founder and a CTO of the startup.
  • Kululu Social Playlist- our first Internet project. Learning to be an entrepeneur.
  • BtProx- Bluetooth proximity sensor locking Windows machine as soon as selected device disappears from range
  • JDiveLog- a small addition which allows to import the data from non-native to the program file formats.
  • Pango Cellular parking application- Android application used to operate cellular parking site web page.
  • Optimizing TCP/IP router. As a part of one of my day jobs I worked as a part of the team that developed Linux kernel driver used to optimize TCP/IP communication.
  • Embedded software project. Most of my day jobs included work with embedded systems of various complexities: from smaller 8-bit MCU's to TI DaVicnci SoC.
  • .NET- application for processing and graphical presentation of large quanties of data.
  • Last, but not least, I have home-made experience in various web languages (PHP, Python, C#, Java, JavaScript).
  • Here are some additional buzzwords that will help search engines to find me: Windows, Linux (kernel and userspace), reverse engineering, TCP/IP, communication, hardware, other operating systems, distributed algorithms, ARM processors, DSP, Google Appengine, networking.